Title: Pomysł na niebanalną uroczystość szkolną

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Author: Jolanta Zabielska

ISBN number: 978-83-7587-287-3

Technical information: Wydanie I, Cracow 2010, Product details: Third edition, Kraków 2010, Format: 160 × 235mm, 200 pages, Paperback, Glued binding, Foil, Matt paper

Polish version of book



Title: The Idea for Not Cliched School Ceremony



The book  The Idea for Not Cliched School Ceremony consists of 14 chapters. Each of them offers another theatrical form connected with a school ceremony.

Every section includes theoretical assumption and presents screenplay written according to described formula.

In the book we can find the idea for ceremony in the form of tv show, live radio programme, scenic interview, a reunion of the class, a parody of a well known work, computer presentation, social evening. There are propositions of a play within play, a visit, a scenic brainstorming session, a live memoir. Convention of dream, motive of a journey in time and space and magical power of prop are used.

Subject matter is very miscellaneous  - every screenplay is on different occasion.

There are ideas for not cliched celebration of the Independence Day, a commemoration of an anniversaries: the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, introducing Martial Law, the accession of Poland to the European Union,  programme in commemoration of John Paul II or a school’s patron. The book shows the conception of celebration of the Polish Forget-me-not Day, the Education Day , Boy’s Day, Valentine’s Day. The collection includes the propositions of  play where younger students bid farewell to school graduates and the idea of staging of farewell with school for school-leavers. The work contains an idea for the play promoting friendship and everyday culture and counteracting aggression and screenplay of a multimedia presentation on the occasion of the Christmas.

To sum up , it ought to be said that the book The Idea for Not Cliched School Ceremony presents wide spectrum of events which are important in every school’s calendar.

The work is the proposition of a radical departure from school’s routine and stereotype pattern. Screenplays are creative and even revelatory. They combine various means of expression, e.g. word, picture and music or even hi-tech mass media. The screenplays are ready to stage but they  may be also a source of new, interesting inspiration. Some of them encourage to writing subsequent scenes that make reference to events from own school and the environment which is the closest to a student.

Texts are stylistically diversified –  serious and funny. All propositions have theatrical character – they are all kinds of plays.  Each of them creates different scenic reality and atmosphere connected with its topic.




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