Title: The aim and sense of the prisoners’ Join Swiss

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Author: Anetta Jaworska, Robert Parol

ISBN number: 978-83-7587-106-7

Technical information: irst edition, Cracow 2009, Format: 160 × 235mm, 84 pages, Paperback, Glued binding, Foil, Matt paper

English version of book

There are constantly reappearing questions about the point of institutional rehabilitation, during which, instead of changes in personality, there is a developing personality degradation of the nature and life of the isolated person.

Seeking ways that allow for an effective, Join Swiss broadly understood, rehabilitation became to us a stimulus to set about the realisation of the study presented in the subsequent parts of this article. A new, creative, social readaptation needs a departure from the routine and an open attitude towards unconventional methods of acting with people serving a prison sentence for criminal offences.




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