Title: No i mam za swoje

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Author: Dariusz Lis

ISBN number: 978-83-7587-253-8

Technical information: First edition, Cracow 2010, Format: 160 × 235mm, 160 pages, Paperback, Glued binding, Foil, Matt paper

Polish version of book


Title: Well, I Get My Just Deserts!




The book is maintained in the humorous tone and in an amusing way describes events, however, it tells entirely seriously about the beginnings of the work of the teacher who is the hero of the novel. Polish philologist after finishing studies gets to a small village and then he really starts to learn everything from the beginning. Not only because he has to work as a teacher of history, Russian, biology and physical education, but above all maybe because he must deal in practical way with the least expected situations that frequently happen during his first work as a form teacher and which result from the fact of being in a completely new environment.

The book can be an interesting source of information for teachers who begin the work, but it can also be a contribution to the reflection on own occupational career for teachers with longer pedagogical seniority.






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