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  Wojciech Śliwerski

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thank you for your interest in our offer editorial feedback and kind, but also for critical remarks. They help us in the current work, correcting deficiencies, improving quality and expanding availability of the publication of our books. The latest directory of the expectations in this regard.
The development of new technologies has resulted in the introduction to our range, as early as last year, digital books. It was not many of them. Books in this form before beginning? Crawl? in the publishing industry and required testing and application of new organizational and legal, technical, etc. Today I am very pleased to announce that the impulse electronic books are already part of a major publishing deals are available with us, and also at our partners such as: OWN SA , DigitalAll Sp. z.o.o. or Bezkartek Sp. z o. o.

Electronic books have two features:
1) allow the use of the publication of older, previously issued, which inputs have been exhausted, and the number of new orders from an economic point of view does not give rise to renewals;

2) allow for quick access to wanted the book when it is hard to buy it at our place of residence, and in those cases where for various reasons, a particular book we need, and we do not have time or inclination to look for it in bookshops or libraries.
It should be noted that the digitalization of books allows you to use some of its parts, namely writing the work, we only needed to buy for us a fragment of a specific title. Thus we pay less and use what we are interested at the moment. More details on this subject can be found at run by OWN SA.

Do not neglect the range of traditional, paper. Continue to expand the range of educational books for the creative development of publications for students and teachers, the freedom of education, integrated education, diagnosis of various deficits in the development of children and adolescents, teaching methodology and teaching, speech therapy, autism, Down syndrome, psychological, and publishing academic books.
This year will be held in Lodz (organizer WSP), another international conference on alternative education at home and abroad. It should therefore consult the Pulse previous publications issued in connection with past conferences, and read the series publishing the Montessori method, pedagogy waldorfskiej, antypedagogice copyright or schools whose existence is subordinated to the broadly understood education in freedom. Around the various streams of education alternative accumulated over the years, many myths, misunderstanding, false opinions, stemming mostly from ignorance on the subject. I hope that our publications will identify the various ideas, their creators, methods and forms of work with children and youth.
Feel free to keep visiting our website (,, where in addition to offering books you can find current specials, numerous reviews, and descriptions that will certainly help in the selection of books that meet your expectations.
We are open to all your ideas, suggestions, proposals, everything new, creative, interesting, helpful in learning, personal growth, overcoming illness, disability, and in the improvement of teaching and education.
Feel the Pulse office at ul. Fatima 53 B. On-site you can buy our books or to talk about publishing their own proposals. Authors I particularly urge you to work face meetings and virtual contacts, which may result in subsequent publications.
Our knowledge, experience and skills we are at your disposal.


 Redaktor Wojciech  Śliwerski
Dyrektor  Wydawnictwa

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