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- Wake up, drive to work. Impulse to which: the development, to act. Impulse which stimulates; What are our spiritual impulses to stimulate thinking and creating. They are: interest, curiosity, admiration and delight.


/ Dictionary of the Polish language phrasebook, HR, PAH 1997 /



- A sudden thought, feeling or event that inspires us to immediate action.


/ Another Polish language dictionary OWN, WN, PAH 2000 /




About us


The political and economic changes in the country enabled me to call to life on 21 September 1990 the Independent Publishing Scout "Pulse." December 13, 1990 the court entered in Krakow Provincial them to register as a publisher of a quarterly "The Circle of Chiefs.


Less than a year later, on 5 November 1991, the Regional Court in Cracow made changes to the registry by typing as a publisher of a quarterly Publishing House "impulse", and it was only a cosmetic name change.


Profound crisis of education in educational development during the foundations of a new system of socio-political and economic PolishRepublic revealed the helplessness and loss of many teachers. Poland pedagogy after a sudden and radically off from the formation of the socialist past solstice faced a very difficult, but ważkim challenge - social change. Losses due to a long political isolation from the Polish Western culture seemed to be on the threshold of the nineties not to catch, the more that some publishers have continued to edit books submitted for printing by the representatives of orthodox and excludes other types of instrumental discourses of socialist pedagogy.


It was a new challenge, a chance to PULSE creative professional activities.


Educational Inspiration

At the turn of 1990/1991 was published in the impulse series books. "Inspirations education 'movement in support of educational transformation in the public and private education at the level of classes and programs of copyright."

In January 1991 appeared the first volume of the series "Education in freedom" and Boguslaw Wieslawa Śliwerskich, initiating a new quality of literature teaching. Solutions proposed by the authors confirmed that in Poland you can connect theory and practice of alternative education school. It was a book for those who enslaved conservatism of earlier legal, structural, programmatic and methodological Polish school seeking freedom for themselves, for children and their parents. The authors presented their experience with it so. experiment in action in the first-class author in Lodz at the level of early childhood education, reducing structural violence, symbolic, and the boredom and anxiety. In the book, the authors combined the achievements of outstanding teaching, school reformers, with their own educational offerings, promoting autonomy and creativity of both children and teachers.

In April 1991 published a book of Thomas Szkudlarka and Boguslaw Śliwerskiego challenges and critical pedagogy antypedagogiki. It was then the only publication on the Polish market in the context of discussing the social, cultural and psychological currents of the latest American and West German critical pedagogy and antypedagogiki.

The authors describe the hidden dimensions of wider processes of socialization and draw the attention of readers on a provocative question the foundations teoretyczności pedagogy, raises the question of its relevance, the philosophical foundations and related educational practice. A deeply humanistic assumptions antypedagogiki posed the problem of teachers' own boundaries of educational and ethical context, was the need to verify the pedagogy of stereotypes of thinking about children at the threshold of the XXI century. In this way, maintain the state of discourse around the need to respect fundamental human rights for a dignified life for children and adolescents.



In October 1991 he released the second volume in a series of Freedom of Education, edited by Boguslaw Śliwerskiego. The reader may find in it the continuation of issues related to the development of primary education by the teachers' own unconventional ideas of education, enriched with many interesting ideas from working with children, inspiring their own modifications.

Education and Liberation Blusza Christopher, the next book in the series introduced the reader to the public most representative or postmodern thought postpedagogicznej texts in foreign languages such outstanding humanists like Rogers Carl, Vaclav Havel, Richard Farson, John Holt, Paulo Freire, Jenny Bull, Helmut Ostermayer or Hubertus von Schoenebeck. These outstanding united like a look at the areas of social reality in which there were constant adult domination and marginalization of the child.
The first period of Publishing House "impulse" closed the book, Alternative Education. Dilemmas of theory and practice. This publication ready for the International Conference Dobieszkowie near
Lodz (15-17.10.1992) was the first textbook on post-socialist countries in the world of alternative education. Prepared under the editorship of Tom Boguslaw Śliwerskiego readers' attention focused on theoretical dilemmas Alternativity education, affirmation and criticism absent in Poland and the discourses of educational alternatives in the country and abroad.

Literature courses "Pulse" and tried to help Polish teachers in the selection of its own "road to the land of the child." Wing publications were targeted to a growing audience of students, teachers, educators and school teachers and educational personnel in education. Changing the name of the profile gave full publishing and publishing trends. Outbuilding would inspire readers to a different view of the surrounding reality, to the individual to acquire and improve knowledge, familiar with the new and less well-known theories and trends of education in the world, and to modify ideas and knowledge with children in an atmosphere of freedom, which guarantees students self-determination , self-control, self-esteem, creativity and joy of learning. For the scientific and popular books, manuals and exercises came at the level of support early childhood education, such as: "Travels with Casper - an alternative primer" and a series of "Spelling differently", "Grammar" and "Mathematics otherwise."


Continuation and niche publishing

In 1993-2000 educational books offer was expanded to include publications on: the creative development of pupils and teachers, the freedom of education, integrated education and support of teachers in their knowledge base and preparing to work in a reformed school. The news is noteworthy series of exercises for music schools, the textbooks from literature and literary analysis, literature, religion, psychology of creativity.

Every year we become richer range of publications from the sick child education, children with various developmental deficits, and with varying degrees of intellectual and physical disability. Guides and methodological aids and descriptions of experiences help teachers and parents in understanding the needs, attitudes and behavior of children has been useful in therapy, the struggle for equal opportunities of development and happiness of pupils. The first releases of speech therapy as autism, different scale and type of disability for children and adults have become in recent years (and the remainder in the next), one of the major trends in publishing, "Pulse."

Our authors also responded to the first symptoms and the escalating violence. Retrieved from "Violence in School and Wieslawa Magda Czarnecka Karkowski," Between freedom and violence in the upbringing of "Hedwig Binczycka," teacher - student "Mary Dudzikowej would help teachers and parents in understanding, diagnosis and prevention of this phenomenon and find ways to prevent physical aggression and psychological in schools.

For academics have addressed the new manuals, such as "Pedagogy of mentally handicapped" Janina combed, "Current theories and trends of education" Boguslaw Śliwerskiego, "Introduction to methodology of pedagogical research 'and' Methods and techniques of pedagogical research" Mieczyslaw Łobockiego, "Historic Base theory of education ", Volume 1-3, Anthony Smołalskiego," Understanding Montessori "Margaret Mikszy," Intelligence and cognition "and" creativity training "Edward Nęcki and cross-disciplinary or other specific educational signposts. Were continued during that period series, "Polish Society Library of Education" and "Ideas - methods - inspiration." The latter appeared in two volumes of substantial volume, "Alternative Pedagogy. Dilemmas theory" and "Alternative Pedagogy. Dilemmas practice summarizing multi-output theorists, practitioners and promoters of different types of alternative education at home and abroad.

In 1996 was born, continues to this day, the leading, characteristic for publishing a series of "Teachers - educators. The child in the world?" edited by Dr. Bronislawa Dymarę, seeking an opportunity to reconcile the heart of the teaching pedagogy of reason. I recommend this series looking for inspiration to teachers.

The initiator of a series focused around a coherent concept of a large group of authors - academics and teachers who see education as a change in school quality and teacher work. Authoring team tries to present the knowledge necessary for every teacher to understand the natural spontaneity of the child, shaping his creative attitude towards oneself and the world. Presented in subsequent volumes of the vision of school students, not just for students, school vision of creativity and dialogue leads to accentuate the personality of the child, to try to integrate current knowledge, derived from the science and art. Therefore, the content and presentation of their linguistic dimension of gaining popular science.

All the volumes combines the promotion of education of creative, open, humane, odformalizowanej related to innovative, creative look at child, goals, methods and forms of teacher and cultural context and social functioning of Polish school. All volumes contained many references to good literature and literary children expressing their needs, expectations and feelings. The consistency between the volumes of a series also supports the accepted arrangement of their contents and modern editing and methodological solutions.
Individual volumes contain an unconventional presentation and interpretation of contemporary educational issues. The texts contained in them encourage deep reflection on the existential school functions, an integrated perspective on learning processes and thus the integration of teacher. It should be emphasized the concept of great value comprehensive teaching-learning Bronisława Dymary for shaping the skills of teachers, block recognition of the content of education, motivate the child in the classroom, creating a climate conducive to self-creation and the creative inspirations of the dialogue, the author's work on the child's own poems, stories or graphics to illustration.

The authors make a series of creative pedagogy współbycia, close to the heart of Mary scapular pedagogy and different versions of personalistic pedagogy. Its essence is efficient and friendly interpersonal relations among children and adults. Friendly school, the school safe, child-friendly and teacher. The school, which will reduce the bureaucratic oppression trust teachers and students as coauthors joyful everyday, which can be laborious to overcome violence, selfishness, shallowness of thinking, fear, hypocritical world of appearances. This school acquiring knowledge and operative reason to value life.


Concluding the presentation of the series, I would like to stress a wide variety of studies in content, they often interdisciplinary dimension. While reading the reader is able to commune with the wider humanistic thinking. Studies have not only the pedagogical overtones, but also include interpretation of the psychological, sociological or philosophical - the world of values to which a child should be made to create a chance of full development.


Improving strategy for the publishing and new developments.


In the years 2001 - 2004 issue of issued books centered around the family and the various forms of support, children with intellectual disabilities, disorders, imbalances and difficulties in developing and teaching therapy. Past publications have been supported by a rich offer of support materials for parents, speech therapists and teachers, and programs and questionnaires to study developmental deficits in children and young people, equal educational opportunities and motivate students.

For studies of experiences of public and private schools and classes, copyright, creative shaping children's attitudes and teacher, came series of pedagogy and teaching work edited by Jack Christopher Schmidt: Teaching creativity. Concepts - problems - solutions, new theories of creativity. New methods aid in the creation, creative pedagogy. Ideas - Applications - Advice on the creative path, and Psychopedagogika creative activities.


The news appeared in a book for parents and preschool teachers, support children in exploring the world around them, prompting them to creative activities, using the natural need for catch up with the elderly in their knowledge and skills.


A series of "Teachers - teachers" has been enriched by successive titles: "child in a world of temptation," "A child in the world of interaction" (T.1, 2), "A child in the world of tradition," "A child in the world of values" (vol. 1 -2) and "Child in language. All highly praised by reviewers.


The academic textbooks released "moral education" Mieczyslaw Łobockiego, "Contexts and methods in historical research and educational Tadeusz Alms, Iwonny Michalska and Gregory Michalski," Dialogue in teaching qualitative study "Urszula Ostrowska," Education and upbringing as the stimulation of human development "Ziemowita Wlodarski and Andrew Hankały, "Pedagogy in the contemporary discourse of the humanities," Tadeusz Lewowickiego, "Transforming early childhood education in the Polish Tadeusz Lewowickiego, Wladyslaw Puśleckiego and Stanislawa Italy" Theory of Education at a Glance "Mieczyslaw Łobockiego," teacher practical knowledge "and" Introduction to the knowledge of school and teaching "Ireneusz Kawecki.


Becomes increasingly richer offer psychological publications. Came to a previously published: "Personality and mental processes and behavior" and Bogdan Mieczysław Plopy Wojcieszek, "Accuracy of perception of own and others' behavior," Hanna Brycz, "Psychology of the family" and "Man on the threshold of the third millennium" Mieczyslaw Plopy, "wordless communication in psychotherapy "Wiesław Sikorski," Understanding Rogers 'Mark Kościelniak, "Against Therapy" Jeffrey Masson, "Motives, goals, values' Emilia Martynowicz and" Cognitive Development in younger children of school age "Wioletta Radvila.


I think that presented in the directory offer reflects the areas of publishing and business objectives, "Pulse." Publisher will continue to support children, young people and adults in lifelong learning, in attempts to understand reality, taking place in and around the world changes, preparing to contemporary challenges, overcome barriers, presenting what is new, creative, interesting. Last year was successful for our publishers. Book attracted more interest readers and received many positive reviews. More and better arranged cooperation with universities publishing.


Our advantage is the active promotion and efficient distribution of books. Any news immediately goes to the bookstore (and, cooperating with us portals (, http://www.i- /,,,,, http:/ / /) and online bookstores:;;;;;, www.;,, etc.


Publisher have its own shipping department, leading the base address of the institutions and individuals interested in our books. Orders are accepted on an ongoing basis. On the publishing market, "Pulse" is working with wholesalers and bookstores, which are able to keep the contracts of sale, and respect the rights of economic activity.
The current offer of releases may be viewed on the pages of "notepad publishing" and "Literary Magazine" Books "by a free catalog or at scientific conferences.


For many years, sponsored the publication of Young Teachers' Summer School, and participants of various conferences.


Appreciating the commitment and qualifications of staff, attractive terms of cooperation and assistance in distribution of books, many companies, institutions, associations and individuals implement the "impulse" order publications: jubilee publications, conference papers, doctoral, habilitation, etc. Every year we spend approximately one hundred titles.


I hope that many readers will benefit from the publishing offer, may also join the growing group of authors of interesting publications. We are open to any ideas, suggestions, proposals. I invite and encourage frequent visits to our website, to publishers, booksellers and libraries.


Editor Wojciech Śliwerski
Publishing Director













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